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New Jio GigaFiber Router 🔥 : Unboxing, Speedtest, Jio DTH , Landline, Package Price & More.

All new Jio GigaFiber Router

It seems like Jio GigaFiber is the buzzword of the time & there are definitely valid reasons behind it. Anyways, today we are going to showcase you all the updated Jio GigaFiber Router , which is expected to have improved connectivity, consistency & range . The overall design has also changed & so has the port alignments. The build quality of the router is good too. 

Having said that we were lucky enough to have met the regional head of Jio who shared with us some information regarding the Jio Gigafiber's expected plans, Jio GigaCall and more which we'll be discussing in the later part.

The variant of the router we got supports both 2.4 GHz as well as  5 GHz and provides a speed of around 40-50 Mbps (2.4 GHz) , 95-100 Mbps (5 GHz) respectively. The installation charge for the router was ₹4500 which is actually a security deposit and is completely refundable if you choose not to use the connection anymore.

I've been using the Jio GigaFiber for around a month now and I honesty don't  regret switching to it as overall it has been providing a really good service. Yes, of course the speed sometimes fluctuates but its noting major & I believe that if you opt for it you will be  satisfied. 

Do note that a similar Jio GigaFiber router is available for around ₹2500 but it is only 2.4 GHz, so before you take the connection please clarify this with your network provider. 

Here are some details of the Jio GigaFiber's expected base plan :

• Installation Cost (Security Deposit) : ₹4500.
  Security Deposit is Refundable .
• Expected Starting Package Price: ₹500 - ₹600. 
  ( 100MB/s : 1.1 Terabytes [After exhausting 1.1 Terabytes speed will come         down to 1MB/s] + Jio GigaCall + DTH Service )
• Expected Base Speed : 100MB/s

We have made a separate video to showcase you all the new router in detail along with some inside stories as I mentioned earlier, so just have a look at it. I hope that you find the video helpful & if you do don't forget to like and subscribe to our channel.


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